Poem 38 – 2013


2013 has come and gone
It really didn’t last that long
12 months have gone by so fast
But l really did have such a blast
I spent some months over in Oz
I didn’t stay longer than a year because
I missed some friends and my family
Kinsale is the place where I want to be
I made great friends during the year
Worked with them or sat down for a beer
I like keeping in touch with everyone
And reminiscing about times when we had fun
But now I look forward to the year ahead
Forget about bad things that have been said
Make the most of what life has given you
And be grateful for all the things you can do

Christina B
31st Dec 2013


Poem 37 – Rugby


Rugby is a good game to play
Off season begins in the month of May
It’s played mainly during the winter
It obviously helps if you are fitter
Rugby is played at many different levels
But not by county’s such as the rebels
Local clubs or provinces are best
It’s no good if you want a rest
Rugby is played by both girls and boys
You can experience the thrills and the joys
Near your local town or far away
Matches are usually on Sat or Sunday
Rugby is played in the town of Kinsale
Although the ladies club did fail
The men now have two strong teams
And the underage are good too so it seems
Rugby is big in town during May
People come from near and far to play
The sevens is really a massive event
Houses this weekend are hard to rent
Rugby is generally fun to observe
But you wouldn’t want too weak a nerve 
A lot goes down on the pitch
Often ending up in at least one stitch
Rugby is tactical and can be fast
80 minutes you must try to last
Running catching and passing the ball
And listening carefully to every call
Rugby is tough and can be hard
Always important is every yard
Especially when going for a try
The ref never usually tells a lie
So whether you play or watch the game
For enjoyment or for fun or fame
It’s a nice sport in our country 
And I’m sure will in future continue to be! 

29th Dec 2014

Poem 36 – Christmas


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year
Not only is it a good excuse for a beer
We get time off work and a chance to catch up
And loads of opportunities for a pint or a cup
Christmas is great for getting stuff done
Or simply relaxing and having some fun
You can meet with friends or spend quiet nights in
But don’t do anything that may cause you to sin
Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family
A time when by yourself you should rarely really be
You give and get some nice new things
And go to mass where everyone hopefully sings
Christmas is when we remember our deceased
But we will never forget them in the least
We look back at some great times gone bye
And look forward with a gleam in our eye

Christina B
24th Dec 2013

Poem 35 – It’s Great To Be Home


It’s Great to Be Home



It’s great to finally be home

Although I never really felt alone

I had such a good time away

But I was never there to stay


It’s great to see friends and family

But for my time abroad I’m not sorry

I learned and achieved so much

Made friends who will keep in touch


It’s great to see my home town

Although a few places have closed down

There are more new things to discover

By myself or with one another


It’s great to get back to sport

Join teams or run to the fort

Support local clubs and activities

I didn’t do much of this overseas


It’s great to settle down again

Maybe in future have some children

But now to focus on a job

It’s never ever good to rob


It’s great to finally be home

Although I have a tendency to roam

I’m definitely here for a while

I will enjoy my life with a smile


Christina B

8th Dec 2013 

Poem 34 – Alone Time


Alone Time

Sometimes alone time is nice
You can wander about and do what you want
Go for a walk, cycle a bike
Or any particular type of jaunt
Alone time is great now and then
To sort your life and get things done
You can be productive or just chill out
But do what you want and have some fun
Alone time is good when you need to think
Sit in silence to ponder something
Make some notes or talk to yourself
And with no one around be sure to sing
Alone time is precious, use it well
Don’t complain about your own company
Change if you need to but make sure you are
Truly the best person that you can be
Christina B