Poem 37 – Rugby


Rugby is a good game to play
Off season begins in the month of May
It’s played mainly during the winter
It obviously helps if you are fitter
Rugby is played at many different levels
But not by county’s such as the rebels
Local clubs or provinces are best
It’s no good if you want a rest
Rugby is played by both girls and boys
You can experience the thrills and the joys
Near your local town or far away
Matches are usually on Sat or Sunday
Rugby is played in the town of Kinsale
Although the ladies club did fail
The men now have two strong teams
And the underage are good too so it seems
Rugby is big in town during May
People come from near and far to play
The sevens is really a massive event
Houses this weekend are hard to rent
Rugby is generally fun to observe
But you wouldn’t want too weak a nerve 
A lot goes down on the pitch
Often ending up in at least one stitch
Rugby is tactical and can be fast
80 minutes you must try to last
Running catching and passing the ball
And listening carefully to every call
Rugby is tough and can be hard
Always important is every yard
Especially when going for a try
The ref never usually tells a lie
So whether you play or watch the game
For enjoyment or for fun or fame
It’s a nice sport in our country 
And I’m sure will in future continue to be! 

29th Dec 2014


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