Poem 41 – We Adapt


We Adapt
We adapt to do whatever we need
In order to help us succeed
At work, home or where ever we may be
I think everyone adapts, not just me
We adapt to things that happen to us
It might be small like missing a bus
It might be big like breaking a rule
But it’s best to simply not loose your cool
We adapt to situations that arise
Doing what we think may be wise
There may be different options but
Usually it’s best to go with your gut
We adapt to circumstances now and then
Especially things that happen when
We least expect them to come our way
Deal with it now rather than delay
We adapt to people we meet every where
Even though about some you may not care
We generally are quite nice and polite
And try not to do things that may cause a fight
We adapt to everything all around
Like if there was snow on the ground
We’d make the necessary changes needed
In order for us to not be defeated

Christina B
30th Jan 2014


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