Sometimes It's Hard 
Sometimes it's hard to simply wake up 
Or have the desire to get out of bed
To get up and do the usual routine 
Sometimes for this it's hard to be keen 
Sometimes it's hard to face the day ahead 
Whether to study, work or even make the bed
To get on with things that need to be done 
It's even harder when we rarely get any sun 

Sometimes it's hard to talk to others
Or even to know what best to say
We're afraid of what other people may think 
So behind our desks or others we do sink
Sometimes it's hard to do daily chores
Like buy some food or go out doors 
To do regular things like cook
Or sit and simply read a book

Sometimes it's hard to make an effort
To call to others or help people in need
We get on with surviving all on our own 
But do we then to other people moan?
Sometimes it's hard to simply live life 
But that's not always the way it will be
Things will certainly get better you'll see
Meanwhile, enjoy yourself and be free! 

Christina B
4th March 2014