Sometimes It's Hard 
Sometimes it's hard to simply wake up 
Or have the desire to get out of bed
To get up and do the usual routine 
Sometimes for this it's hard to be keen 
Sometimes it's hard to face the day ahead 
Whether to study, work or even make the bed
To get on with things that need to be done 
It's even harder when we rarely get any sun 

Sometimes it's hard to talk to others
Or even to know what best to say
We're afraid of what other people may think 
So behind our desks or others we do sink
Sometimes it's hard to do daily chores
Like buy some food or go out doors 
To do regular things like cook
Or sit and simply read a book

Sometimes it's hard to make an effort
To call to others or help people in need
We get on with surviving all on our own 
But do we then to other people moan?
Sometimes it's hard to simply live life 
But that's not always the way it will be
Things will certainly get better you'll see
Meanwhile, enjoy yourself and be free! 

Christina B
4th March 2014

Poem 45 – Kinsale GAA


Kinsale GAA
Kinsale GAA is a great club
Although it officially doesn’t have a pub
We recently bought a brand new pitch
Even though we aren’t very rich
Kinsale GAA began many years ago
Sometimes membership may have been slow
But in recent years it has increased
Unfortunately some past members have deceased
Kinsale GAA now has a ladies team
Many young players are really keen
To represent their county and play for Cork
They’re not afraid of putting in hard work
Kinsale GAA has many young players
It also has great committee members
The men’s teams are really quite strong
Before we win the county it won’t be long
Kinsale GAA is growing every year
All club members are to us dear
It’s great to be part of something good
Support us please if you could

Christina B
4th Feb 2014

Poem 41 – We Adapt


We Adapt
We adapt to do whatever we need
In order to help us succeed
At work, home or where ever we may be
I think everyone adapts, not just me
We adapt to things that happen to us
It might be small like missing a bus
It might be big like breaking a rule
But it’s best to simply not loose your cool
We adapt to situations that arise
Doing what we think may be wise
There may be different options but
Usually it’s best to go with your gut
We adapt to circumstances now and then
Especially things that happen when
We least expect them to come our way
Deal with it now rather than delay
We adapt to people we meet every where
Even though about some you may not care
We generally are quite nice and polite
And try not to do things that may cause a fight
We adapt to everything all around
Like if there was snow on the ground
We’d make the necessary changes needed
In order for us to not be defeated

Christina B
30th Jan 2014

Poem 40 – The Church


The Church
The church is a place where people go
To say some prayers or celebrate mass
To sit quietly while they reflect
Or maybe for some time to pass
The church is used all the time
For various occasions throughout the year
Like baptisms weddings or funerals
For all the people we hold dear
The church can be a place of refuge
For people suffering terribly
They may go there to talk to God
Or maybe for a priest to see
The church is often a lovely place
For celebrating various happenings
From Christmas when our Lord is born
To beautiful romantic weddings
The church is really always there
If you simply need a place to go
To be alone or meet someone
Or pray to God, as you know

Christina B
12th Jan 2014

Poem 39 – It’s a Time


It’s a Time
It’s a time to start a fresh
Move on with life, forget the past
Live for the future, look ahead
Make memories that will forever last
It’s a time to do new things
Enjoy special moments everyday
Reflect on all you’ve done well
Remember good things people say
It’s a time to make a change
Perhaps to try do something new
Make or break a certain habit
Or whatever you feel you can do
It’s a time to begin again
Things that may have gone wrong
Can perhaps be left behind
Don’t dwell on things for too long
It’s a time to be yourself
Find out what suits you best
Do what you want if you can
Life will take care of the rest

Christina B
6th Jan 2014 

Poem 38 – 2013


2013 has come and gone
It really didn’t last that long
12 months have gone by so fast
But l really did have such a blast
I spent some months over in Oz
I didn’t stay longer than a year because
I missed some friends and my family
Kinsale is the place where I want to be
I made great friends during the year
Worked with them or sat down for a beer
I like keeping in touch with everyone
And reminiscing about times when we had fun
But now I look forward to the year ahead
Forget about bad things that have been said
Make the most of what life has given you
And be grateful for all the things you can do

Christina B
31st Dec 2013

Poem 37 – Rugby


Rugby is a good game to play
Off season begins in the month of May
It’s played mainly during the winter
It obviously helps if you are fitter
Rugby is played at many different levels
But not by county’s such as the rebels
Local clubs or provinces are best
It’s no good if you want a rest
Rugby is played by both girls and boys
You can experience the thrills and the joys
Near your local town or far away
Matches are usually on Sat or Sunday
Rugby is played in the town of Kinsale
Although the ladies club did fail
The men now have two strong teams
And the underage are good too so it seems
Rugby is big in town during May
People come from near and far to play
The sevens is really a massive event
Houses this weekend are hard to rent
Rugby is generally fun to observe
But you wouldn’t want too weak a nerve 
A lot goes down on the pitch
Often ending up in at least one stitch
Rugby is tactical and can be fast
80 minutes you must try to last
Running catching and passing the ball
And listening carefully to every call
Rugby is tough and can be hard
Always important is every yard
Especially when going for a try
The ref never usually tells a lie
So whether you play or watch the game
For enjoyment or for fun or fame
It’s a nice sport in our country 
And I’m sure will in future continue to be! 

29th Dec 2014